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      ABOUT US

      Company profile

      Shenzhen Ruihe Construction & Decoration Co., Ltd. (Stock abbreviation: RuiHe Shares, Stock code: 002620) , a National High technology Enterprise, was founded in 1992. With the registered capital of RMB362.5million, Ruihe is a large listed company integrated with architectural decoration design and construction, curtain wall design and construction, electromechanical engineering, fire protection, landscape, intelligent technology, solar photovoltaic power generation and construction installation. Ruihe is one of the highest level technology-intensive construction & decoration enterprises with the most complete profile of industry qualifications.

      Achievement and honor

      For more than 20 years, Ruihe has undertaken thousands of key construction & decoration projects across the country, creating perfect architectural arts with high quality and setting monuments of excellent projects. RuiHe has made outstanding contribution to Chinese urban development and economy development.

      The quality works designed and constructed by the company have been highly praised by the owners, including key projects such as Xinzheng Airport, Shenzhen Stock Exchange(SSE), Heze Grand theater, Taigu Town of Shenzhen Baoneng Group (commercial exquisite decoration), Fujian Taihe Mall, Intercontinental Hotel KunMing, Westin Hotel Beijing, JW Marriott Shenzhen, etc..

      By May 2016, projects undertaken by RuiHe have won 10 times of “The Luban Prize for Construction Project”, a total of 188 times of national engineering awards, and more than 600 times of provincial and municipal good quality engineering awards. Until today, the company has been elected as the Top 12 enterprises among the Top 100 enterprises in the national construction & decoration industry for 14 consecutive years and has been awarded the title of the Industry Flagship of Top 100 Companies.

      Status and influence

      Ruihe is the vice-president of China Construction & Decoration Association, vice-president of China Construction & Decoration Experts Association, vice-president of China Construction & Decoration Research Department, vice-president of Guangdong Decoration Industry Association, the standing director of Guangdong Construction Association, and the vice-president of Shenzhen Construction & Decoration Association. Ruihe is one of the first batch of national construction & decoration companies to be graded as AAA Credit Enterprise, and it has been evaluated as “abides by the contract and values credibility” by Guangdong Market Supervision Administration and been elected as the Top 100 Best Tax Payers Among Private Enterprises of Shenzhen Futian District. Ruihe has been repeatedly selected as the Excellent Member Company of the China Construction & Decoration Association and Excellent Enterprise of Shenzhen Decoration Association.

      In 2001, Ruihe took the lead in the industry passing the verification of the ISO9001 Quality Management System, the ISO14001 Environment Management System and the OHSAS18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System at the same time. In 2014, the company had been awarded as the “National High technology Enterprise” and “Shenzhen High Technology Enterprise”. Today, “Shenzhen Ruihe” has become a well-known brand in Shenzhen and the company gains the title of "the Most Respected Branded Enterprise of Professional Design". 

      Concept and features

      Development vision of Ruihe

      To ensure all staff enjoy happy life, Shareholders are content, Investors are willing to buy the stocks,  Ruihe become the flagship brand in the industry

      Ruihe has always focused on its specialty of decoration, came up with the strategic concept of 5 leading - “leading in technology, technique, supply chain, management and comprehensive service”, and persisted on following the path of sustainable development.

      Leading in technology

      The company currently owns more than 110 core technology patents, and it is the first to implement the technology of BIM and 3D printing in architectural application. And the company has made great effort in introducing the technology of Internet to promote marketing business, made use of the information technology platform through the management process, and advocated the concept of green environmental protection decoration.

      Leading in technique

      The company has established a design institute of international level, and created skills training school for migrant workers to train migrant workers into skilled workers. Both have followed the company's technology standards, adopted the management tools of standardization and normalization, and increased the investment, R&D and application efforts in the factory, and the assembly.

      Leading in supply chain

      Ruihe’s projects have covered a wide range of business areas, and the company has set up branches in nearly 30 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Guangzhou, forming a nationwide marketing network. To match with such big market network, is the company's powerful centralized purchasing platform. The platform has covered nearly one hundred types of materials, and thousands of national strategic partner suppliers, to ensure that the materials be supplied on time and with guarantee of quality and quantity.

      Leading in management

      The company has an excellent management team made up of elites in the industry. With the operation concept of “market-oriented”, the company has implemented the management mode of “marketing takes the lead, and unites with design, engineering control, budget, and centralized purchase". Each department of back-stage would support the marketing at the front-stage, and the department of the front-stage would provide a full range of services to the customers. Meanwhile, with its own development of “ERP”, the company has provided guarantee for the construction quality of all projects, and it is able to continuously improve the management ability of its teams.

      Leading in comprehensive service

      With 25 years of market experience and innovative development, the brand, management team, operation model, research and development capabilities and social reputation of Ruihe have all gained full recognition in the industry. It has become one of the most promising benchmark companies in the industry.

      Vision and prospects

      In 2011, Ruihe has successfully listed on the Shenzhen SME sector. With the opportunity of listing, and the use of capital resources, the company has succeeded in raising investment in and accomplishing projects of "Processing Building & Decoration Materials Project, Design and Development Center Project and Enterprise Informationalized Construction Project", which will assist in strengthening the company's research and innovation ability, the company’s ability to integrate resources, and the company’s cost control ability, and significantly raising the company’s market position.

      In the future, Ruihe will remain committed to transforming and upgrading its decoration business, continue to develop following the concept of industrialization, large-scale development, and environmental protection. Meanwhile, the company will continue scientific and technological innovation, and use energy conservation and environmental protection as a breakthrough to study green and sustainable development technology. The company will also increase the investment in the fields of new materials, new technologies, new inventions and the like, and turn its knowledge and experience into intellectual property patents, thus lead the development trend in the industry, and strive to become a Top brand in Chinese construction and decoration industry and a brand that would last for centuries.

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